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As a Leesburg Bankruptcy Attorney our desire to give our clients the very best legal and financial advice possible and we remain committed to protecting your assets and legal rights. If you need to learn more about your rights pertaining to a personal bankruptcy than call us at 855-LAW-2020 and schedule your free consultation* today. Our motto is “Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options” and it would be our privilege to help you.

We are firmly committed to helping our clients in Leesburg who are struggling with finances to rebuild their lives. One of the options we can employ is a personal bankruptcy. Many famous people have had to retain an attorney to defend them because of financial troubles. Your problem is not unique and can be dealt with so that you can live a productive, full, stress free life. Whether a Chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy is in your best interests we can help get you protected.

The problem is that many are suffering because of high unemployment and it shows in the amount of foreclosures and bankruptcies filed. In our current economic system the set up is causing a lot of harm as it literally is working against you. We are very good at protecting our clients in these challenges and would be a privilege for us if you allowed us to help you. As an experienced Leesburg Bankruptcy Attorney our firm will give you a free consultation* and we will let you know what your options are. Use the contact form at the top for your confidential appointment. When dealing with your estate you need to hire an attorney that has a track record of helping their clients. We are such a law firm.

Leesburg Bankruptcy Attorney: Your Options
As Bankruptcy law firm we help people daily overcome crushing financial debt. People are coming through our doors and we see the pain and suffering. The one common factor we have noticed is that these people are hard working productive residents wanting to do the right thing, and get a fresh start. Many of these confess to putting off filing bankruptcy or mounting a foreclosure defense out of embarrassment or humiliation. They nearly lost it all by not calling us. This is why we exist. We feel a duty to help our Leesburg families use bankruptcy to protect their hard earned assets.

The filing does not mean that you are pulling a fast one, or getting away with something shady. There is no moral sin in declaring a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under Florida law it is lawful to implement legal proceeding for the prevention of having your assets taken. By filling you are not cheating your obligations to your creditors. These banks and credit companies know that lending is a risk and have steps in place to absorb losses. They already know some loans will default. So understand that our laws were created for you.

Leesburg Bankruptcy Attorney Services

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Tax Issues
  • Dealing With Creditors
  • Stopping Bill Collector Harassment
  • Mortgage and Foreclosure Defense
  • Means test

Please call us at 855-529-2020 and schedule your free consultation* today. It would be our pleasure to represent you if you need to file bankruptcy in Leesburg.