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Are you searching for an Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney? Are tired of the harassing phone calls and stress that comes with overwhelming debt? If this sounds like you then contact our attorneys today for a free consultation*. We can help to STOP wage garnishment, foreclosure, creditor harassment, auto repossession, bank account garnishment and tax levies. You can also call us direct at 855-529-2020 to speak directly to one of our attorneys.

Debt Reduction and Payment Options

Many people want to honor their bills and pay back creditors but unfortunate events get in the way. A simple illness, job loss or divorce can hurt your ability to pay your lenders. As an Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney we see all types of clients, but the one thing that is common to all regardless of income is the embarrassment everyone shares in having to go down this avenue. Donald trump and Walt Disney, to name a few, have all had to declare Bankruptcy. This is not an indicator of you being a bad person, but simply that the economic climate which has hurt all is weighing you down. Please understand that we know what you are going through and want you to feel free to share your dilemma with us. We can help. Your choices are many but the only way you can know is if you call. Having lived in Orlando for over 45 years I have seen a lot in our great city. I watched as a child the east-west expressway being built. I saw the Epcot center built and attended the opening. I watched as we got an NBA Basket Ball team and saw Universal came to town. Over the years I have noticed many businesses and personal friends rise and fall with success and personal failure and the one thing that I know is that when push came to shove and creditors and bill collectors started harassing all it took was a call to our firm and we stopped it. Giving people a fresh start without the attitude of failure is our specialty. Call us and we will put the full might of our firm to come to bear for you immediately. You are not alone!

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney Services

CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY–Chapter 7 is different from other types of bankruptcy chapters in the sense that the debtor can eliminate most debts without paying back money to their creditors.

CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY–This allows individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts over a three to five-year plan

DIVORCE AND BANKRUPTCY—A divorce can make the bankruptcy options change so we are up on the state and federal laws and have a Family Law Attorney ready to assist with all the options available to you.

Everyone’s situation is different so when our Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney consults with you, based on your situation and needs, a plan can be put in place to protect your assets and assure you that you can come out intact with the ability to re-build.

Put Our Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney To Work For You!!
We have over 120 years combined experience in many facets of law. As a Central Florida Law Firm we have 23 staff and 10 Attorneys ready to assist you in your needs. One call to our Bankruptcy Lawyer and the problem that kept you in fear gets cut down. We are ready to defend you and help bring stability you your financial state. Call us for your free consultation* today.