Stop Repossessions

Losing a vehicle to a repossession is not something that anyone enjoys going through. Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be an avenue to stop repossessions and prevent your vehicle (car, truck or boat) from being taken. In order for this to be accomplished we need to have a petition filed before the said property is taken. If the property is seized than filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy will not help you get the property back. In Florida, once a vehicle is repossessed by the lender (and they have legal possession of the vehicle), it is their property and the Bankruptcy Court has no right to force a return. That is why you should contact BCN Law firm in Clermont Florida today to stop repossessions from even happening. We can help you and the initial consultation is free.

When you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy the courts order an automatic stay which stops the lender from seizing the vehicle. Our repossession attorney, Jimmy Crawford will then work with you to develop a repayment plan. He can help ensure the vehicle is re-amortized with an equitable solution–3, 4 or 5 year schedule allowing you to honor the debt without the high pressure or high payments that put you in this situation. If the vehicle was purchased more than two and a half years before a chapter 13 was filed or a loan was taken out after it was purchased, then the amount that you owe on the vehicle can possibly be negotiated down to a current market value. What this means is that when you file a chapter 13 you are only obligated to pay the value of the vehicle and not what is owed. That is how you stop a repossession. Our Bankruptcy Attorney in Clermont can explain this in detail at your initial consultation.

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