Clermont Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

The decision to enter a prenuptial agreement before entering a marriage may be one of the most important decisions you make. No one wants to think about the prospect of divorce when entering a new relationship, but it is wise to protect yourself and your assets.

The Boyette, Cummins and Nailos law firm has handled hundreds of family law cases throughout Central Florida, and we can be trusted to be your prenuptial agreement attorney in Clermont.

A prenuptial agreement often called a prenup is an agreement between two people who are planning to get married. The contract establishes terms for assets both parties bring into the marriage and how they will be divided if the marriage ends. Prenuptial agreements can include provisions on how to divide debts, the kinds of support one spouse may owe to another, property settlements and child support.

If one party brings previous assets attained before marriage into the relationship, you might want to consider a prenup. Some of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Protecting the Loss of Family Inheritance or Property
  • Protection of Assets for Children from Previous Marriages
  • Security for a Family or Personal Business
  • Bad Debt Protection
  • Prior arrangements about child custody for children born into the marriage

The BCN Law Firm has years of experience in family law and has represented hundreds of clients as their Clermont Prenuptial Agreement Attorney. If you need help creating a similar agreement or any matters of family law including divorce, child custody, child support or alimony please contact us.