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Summer Driving Tips To Help You Avoid A Car Accident

One popular summer tradition for many families are annual road trips. Many families flock south to Florida every year to enjoy our beautiful coastlines, beaches, sunshine, boating, and theme parks. Florida welcomed around 122 million out-of-state visitors last year alone. Remember, that doesn’t include the residents of our beautiful state who travel around the state for fresh views or to visit family. Every traveler and tourist in Florida should be able to enjoy a fun, safe vacation, but unfortunately, Florida car accident rates spike around summertime. Around the U.S., accident risk increases from June through August, and traffic-related fatalities are 30 times more likely to happen during the summer than during other seasons. Since summer road trips, especially in Florida, hold more risk, here are some summer road risks to keep in mind so you can have a safe, fun vacation.

Common Summer Road Risks

There are a few risk factors that make it more likely for you to get into a crash during the summertime. Here are a few common summer road risks:

  • Vacation drinking/partying: More people are typically out and about in the summer months. Juneteenth, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day… all these holidays mean beach days, backyard barbecues, and plenty of booze. Alcohol seriously impairs judgment and driving, and it’s no surprise that the four deadliest holidays on the road fall on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day.
  • More teen drivers: Teens are out of school in the summertime and more likely to hit the roads, going to and from part-time jobs, helping families run errands, and visiting classmates. Teen drivers aged 16-17 are nearly three times more likely to get into a fatal crash compared to older drivers, and this can make it much more difficult to stay safe on the roads even if you’re an experienced driver yourself during the summer when school’s out. 

Florida Road Risks

Along with these summertime driving risks that apply across the nation, there are some specific Florida concerns to keep in mind:

  • More motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians: While South Florida typically has great weather any time of year, automobiles are still sharing the road with more bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians in the summer. These road users are unfortunately more difficult to spot than cars, and since they’re not in the protective shell of a vehicle, are also more likely to get seriously injured when a collision occurs with another vehicle. 
  • Slick roads due to the rainy season: Most of Southwest Florida’s 56 inches of annual rainfall occurs during the summer months. Motorists in South Florida need to be extra aware and careful when driving in heavy rain and thunderstorms.

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You should always be cautious and informed when driving, but in a coastal tourism-heavy state like Florida, you need to be especially careful hitting the roads in the summertime. If you were involved in an automobile accident, you will need an experienced Florida car accident attorney on your side. Call BCN Law Firm to schedule an appointment with a top Florida car accident lawyer today.