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Types Of Property Damage Cases In Florida

As a coastal state, Florida is extremely close to the ocean, making residents of Florida highly vulnerable to hurricanes and storms. Florida homes face unique threats and are at a heightened risk of sustaining external and internal damages. Due to these increased risks, homeowner’s insurance and other property-related insurance coverages are essential forms of protection property owners need to have in this state. Read on to learn more about some of the most common kinds of property damage insurance claims in Florida, along with some potential problems you may face when filing a property damage insurance claim. 

Common Types Of Florida Property Damage Cases

Exterior Wind Damage

Hurricanes and tropical storms can result in falling trees, heavy winds, or blowing objects. These weather events commonly lead to roof damage. Wind damage to your roof may be more difficult to locate and pinpoint, and often can remain undetected until more severe indicators of interior damage start to manifest. It’s also a kind of damage that usually calls for total replacement of the roof structure. Roof damage claims can ultimately become extremely complex in the blink of an eye. Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny your claim, such as:

  • Failing to mitigate damages to this portion of your property because you didn’t perform regular maintenance
  • Your roof is considered “too old”
  • Your roof doesn’t require a full replacement (insurance companies commonly use this tactic to minimize payouts)
  • Your policy doesn’t cover the cause of your roof damage

Flood and Water Damage

Flood and water is (unsurprisingly) a very common cause of Florida property damage claims. This type of damage is typically the result of:

  • Burst pipes
  • Leftover rainwater
  • Malfunctioning or faulty appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, oor refrigerators

Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance covers many different kinds of water damage, including those we listed above. However, it is essential to keep in mind that insurance companies look at flooding/hurricane damage and water damage as two separate kinds of damage. This means that damage due to flooding (heavy rain, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.) isn’t usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. Just because insurers consider these two different kinds of damage doesn’t mean you’re stranded as a homeowner- that’s what flood insurance is for. 

Vandalism and Theft

Experiencing vandalism or theft to your property is a highly traumatic event. If your home or belongings were criminally damaged, document the damage and let your insurance company know right away. The last thing you may want to worry about is an insurance claim, but your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover your losses.

Why You Should hire A Property Damage Claims Attorney

If your property was damaged and you were not involved, you shouldn’t need to pay the price of getting back on your feet without assistance- that’s why you pay your insurance premiums! As a responsible insurance policyholder, you need somebody who will stand in your corner and help you when you most need it. BCN Law Firm is a top property damage law firm that will fight for your legal rights.

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If you’re facing an undervalued or denied property damage claim with your current insurance company, you need to have an experienced property damage attorney on your side to make sure your rights as a policyholder are upheld. Our expert legal team can ensure that the insurance company gives you back what you’ve been paying them for. Call BCN Law Firm to schedule an appointment with a top property damage lawyer today.