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When To Contact An Attorney For A Sinkhole

Our experienced sinkhole claim attorneys at BCN Law Firm understand how to protect our clients’ rights when filing or appealing a sinkhole claim. We have dealt with numerous situations where our clients are forced to find “band-aid fixes” for damaged areas because insurance companies fail to provide a reasonable amount of money for these claims. Our lawyers have fought insurance companies who deny the existence of a sinkhole without appropriate testing procedures. With many years of experience dealing with sinkhole claims, our attorneys will be on your side protecting you from insurance providers who are always looking to give you the least money possible, even if you pay your premiums faithfully.

Why Hire An Attorney For My Sinkhole Claim?

Insurance providers have plenty of lawyers and experts looking after their expenses and interests when investigating a sinkhole claim. When you hire an experienced sinkhole attorney, you can be assured you have an expert on your side to protect your own rights and property. BCN Law Firm’s sinkhole lawyers have handled hundreds of claims involving sinkhole damage compensation and know that property owners should not attempt to negotiate with insurance companies on their own.

Why Your Sinkhole Claim May Be Denied

When a sinkhole damage claim is denied by an insurance company, the claimant and their attorney will evaluate the following considerations:

  • Was the claim denied without drilling?
  • What kind of testing was conducted?
  • Is there any information regarding the claim that may have been overlooked?

Insurance companies sometimes skip standard testing procedures mandated under Florida law and instead conduct a “drive-by” test rather than industry-standard geophysical testing techniques like electrical resistivity, ground penetrating radar, or a standard penetration test. Failing to test properly for sinkhole activity may comprise a policy breach and entitle the homeowner to immediate legal action. 

If an insurance company refuses to acknowledge sinkhole damage, the property owner can hire third-party experts to retest the suspected (or obvious) sinkhole area. Experts may recommend the property owner to get estimates on repairs to send to their insurance provider. 

Florida Sinkhole Insurance Law

Until 2007, Florida residents were required to buy their own sinkhole insurance for non-catastrophic events and structural damage. Post-2007, insurance companies are legally required to cover the cost of sinkhole coverage (despite insurance companies lobbying for years against the new law). Floridians now only need to purchase insurance for catastrophic ground collapses. Catastrophic problems include:

  • A depression in the ground cover clearly visible to the viewer
  • The abrupt collapse of the ground
  • Any situation where the insured structure must be vacated and condemned
  • Structural damage to a building

Unfortunately, there is a discrepancy in the Florida sinkhole law that makes it easier for insurers to pay less than homeowners may be entitled to, or to outright refuse to pay their policyholders when sinkhole damage is apparent. This is why it’s crucial to hire an attorney to assist you with your sinkhole claim. 

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