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Clermont Social Security Disability Attorney

If you or your family depend on Social Security disability benefits, having those benefits denied or revoked will have a major impact on your life. At Boyette, Cummins and Nailos our experienced Clermont Social Security disability attorney specialists can help you with issues regarding your benefits. What people don’t know is that many applications for… View Article

Estate Attorney in Orlando

When the phrase “estate planning” is mentioned the first thought you have is probably taxes. However, estate planning is about more than just reducing taxes. Its main focus is to guarantee your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Because of that, even after the estate tax reduction and its eventual repeal in 2010 under… View Article

Family Law Attorney in Leesburg

Leesburg, Florida is a city that has grown in population every year and now boasts more than 25,000 residents. The choices and services one can utilize is vast, yet one thing that is necessary when choosing a family law attorney in Leesburg, and that is record and trust. BCN law firm has served residents in… View Article

Child Support Attorney In Clermont

Nothing seems to be more hotly contested and than child support issues when going through a divorce or modifying one. As one of Clermont’s largest Family Law Firms it is our job and duty to help temper the emotional pull and make sure that in the process we get the best possible outcome for our… View Article

Parental Rights Attorney in Clermont

The ability to prove paternity can happen when either a mother seeks an initiative to have a father share in the responsibilities of raising a child, or from a father who wishes to establish his role in a child’s life. Establishing this is important financially and also to the well being of the child. Parental… View Article

Clermont Divorce Attorney

A Divorce may be unlike anything you have ever been through before. At BCN Law firm we know that confronting issues of custody and marital property can be one of the most difficult periods of your life. Finding an experienced Clermont Divorce Attorney who understands Florida law is an important decision that can help the… View Article

Recent California Hit and Run Accident

The horrifying moment a 90-year-old man is struck and killed by hit-and-run driver in a busy Los Angeles intersection (click to read) A recent article on hit and run in California. Click the link at the top to see the story and video. The incidents of hit and run accidents are at an all time… View Article

Find A Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando

Boyette, Cummins and Nailos personal injury attorney, Heath Nailos, is devoted to protecting peoples rights, as opposed to large corporations. Powerful special interest groups have made it hard for people to fight the big insurance companies and corporations, and it is our goal to be the law firm who represents those considered powerless by these… View Article

Find a Lawyer

How do you find a lawyer? Ask others their opinions? Look for a billboard? Check out local firms on the internet? The fact is, in today’s world attorneys are going to advertise and you will be inundated by every conceivable form of communication including park benches, the radio, TV commercials, form letters in the mail… View Article

Sinkhole Signs And Causes

How to discern sinkhole signs and causes? That is the question most homeowners should ask before purchasing. Sinkholes or depressions occur as the limestone below cracks and develops fractures and cavities . Waters seep through the soil and over long periods of time can lead to the breakdown . Most often these types of events… View Article